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Polycarbonate Canopies

We provide Polycarbonate Canopies for you in various quality and colors. Mainly we can introduce our canopies which are consisting in Polycarbonate solid sheet and Polycarbonate hollow sheet.


You can protect your home from the direct glare of the sun thereby keeping it cool.

The large, imposing canopy can protect a large outdoor expanse of your home from the sudden changes in weather.

One can also store goods under its shade that need to be outdoor but protected from the damages of hostile weather conditions.

Polycarbonate sheds are ideal for parking your car to protect any damage from the elements.


5 years warranty


The contemporary design enhance the exterior of your home even as it protects from the elements.

We design our structures as per the taste and preferences of our clients so they are completely satisfied.


The large and grand looking Polycarbonate structures is ideal for large buildings, hotels and resorts choose your canopy in various colors and various designs from VISION INDUSTRIES create beautiful environs in the shade even as natural light filters through. The pleasant experience of time spent under its shade will have you coming back to us time and again.