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Founder: S. Danthanayrana
Est.: 1974

Mr. S. Danthanarayana has started 1974 in Galle own place of small iron works with three workers. During that period the importing of Srilankan was not in a well-developed situation like today and it was very rare to find the agricultural tools in southern province as mammootty, Wheel borrows, ploughs, hammers and all metal equipment’s.

With the creativity and the innovative in producing agricultural equipment. As a result of that the Srilankan Agriculture Department gave him the chance to supply agricultural equipment’s to the department. In a short period of time his business became a success and all these success depends on his quality, durability and the reason of local production and the easiness of maintenance.

During this production process he had to face the challenges as the lack of raw materials and the lack of machineries. During the times of 1980’s the coconut coir production was in a reputed status and the foreign market gave a great demand and request for that production.

With a great idea of Mr. Danthanarayana he achieved to create a machine to separate the coir from the coconut shell. Al through the Southern Province this machine spreaded out in a short time period. During this period the brand name of vision Industries spread as a reputed company of Sri Lankan.

With the time these production range came into close with the life style of Southerners and that helped to make the company more reputed and trusted in the field. With all these during the 1990’s the company started the production of roller doors to the southern province first time and further they introduce the Iron Roofs and Iron Roller doors to the field and range of products.

CEO/Managing Director Role

Then the second son of Mr.Dhanthanarayana, Mr. Prageeth become the Managing Director of the company in year 2000. With the engaging of Mr.Prageeth they started the productions of internationally and high technological creations to the world. With the innovative thinking and creativity this business became the first in the industry and archived the dreams of his farther. With all the international business trends, ship and the correct managing rules with administration of the staff he could entrepreneur make the company among the best entrepreneurship in Southern province.

During the time of year 2007, he could bring the machineries developed with modern technology for the production. More than 15 team in the production team of roller doors, hand railing, stairways, swing gates & sliding gates.

The raw materials were imported from foreign market directly for the production.

As the present situation more than 42 production & administrative team has made the company as a reputed and well recognized all over the island. For the recognition of the company the following awards and rewards have made the evidences for the success and foot prints of their great journey up to day.

2012 - “National Award” at the BMICH – 2012” awarding ceremony, organized by the Industrial development board of Ceylon.

2014 – Best entrepreneur of the southern province – Medium scale business by NEDA