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Welcome to Vision Industries Pvt Ltd, Galle.

We supply Quality Roller Doors & Shutters

With a long standing history of 36 years the experience of the company is maintaining the standards and the quality of the products and services. With the unique designs and the guarantee of 10 years is the recognition for these products in this competitive field. The products of the Vision industries provide uncompromising quality & standard.

We think Green

As a family-owned company, Vision Industries is well aware of its responsibility to future, as well as its employees, products, natural resources, and our environment. Our mother land is full of the environmental resources we always struggle to apply environmental management system through which it focuses on energy conservation, conservation and optimization of the usage of water and waste management and protecting our biodiversity.


Vision Industries won the “National Award” at the BMICH – 2012” awarding ceremony, organized by the Industrial development board of Ceylon.

Prageeth Danthanarayana, CEO/ Managing director Won the Southern Province Best Entrepreneur 2014 award organized by the National Enterprises Development Authority category of the Medium Scale Business.

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